He youth ministry in Sabaki, Mombasa, Kenya

We have many small and big churches in Kenya, the churches in the town areas are bigger and the pastors are a little bit more doctrinally sound but still not all of course are living up to what they preach.

The churches in the villages are a different story all together, they are oppressed by witchcraft, the pastors are struggling theologically and even though there is too much learning there is still very little ability to comprehend)
These are the places we working nowadays, in the churches.

We hold many biblical teachings and practical Christian living lessons since the churches are still trying to incorporate Christianity with traditions, the Christians have been bullied by witches so much that they submit under their influence that it has become normal!

Jesus loves these churches and He wants them to read His Word and love it, and we are together with Him to bring that purpose to its fulfillment!